Presented by gadget, gizmo and toy collector extraordinaire Jonathan Ross, 100 Greatest Toys with Jonathan Ross is a three hour countdown of the nation's favourite toys and games. From Action Man to Yahtzee, Barbie to Trivial Pursuit; inventors and toy-makers tell the inside stories of their creations and success. And to fully explain the impact of these toys and games, the children of yesteryear - today's celebrities, authors, actors and journalists - reveal exactly what it was that made them love a particular toy. Find out how Action Man evolved from the American GI Joe action doll and just how Tomorrow's World inspired his haircut. What was the genesis of Barbie? And just who came up with the iconic design of the Raleigh Chopper? There is also the chance to learn how a one-time wimp created the world's toughest action figure and how the Vietnam War almost destroyed Britain's Matchbox toy car range. The shortlist of 100 toys was selected by a panel of industry experts and the final countdown decided by a Channel 4 online web vote.