Well as we ALLLLL know, Xpose Live was on at the weekend. I was one lucky ducky and got a VIP invitation for the opening night. Being Monday; Friday night is some what of a blurr, so bear with me through this as I give you a wee run down of what happened.

With this lovely invitation that I received I was allowed access to the fashion show with "Gold" seats. You would think that I would be in the very plush black covered seats at the side of the catwalk, however, I was at the side but sitting on some plastic chairs that seemed to wobble every time you shifted your bum as it was super uncomfortable. Martini were kindly supplying the drink and with the show due to start at 7:15, myself and my friend raced in to get a drink and to our seats as we thought we were late. It turns out, that there was no bartender on duty and we ended up sitting and waiting for half an hour for the fashion parade to kick off (this could be due to the fact that Mutya Buena missed her ferry over, so everything had to be delayed). Finally, Karen Koster and Lisa Cannon came on stage, stayed for about 2 minutes, welcomed everybody...... and then left.

The music started to pump, lights were flashing, and everyone's eyes lit up and out came the dancers who were to fill up some time in between the fashion sections. With designers like Vera Wang, Fran and Jane, and clothes from House of Fraser and Littlewoods Ireland, one was not going to be disappointed with the show. In the middle of it all, everyone was subjected to some male totty. These male models (who thought that they were the most beautiful beings in the room) began running around in their sports wear, half naked bodies, throwing rugby balls and ended up hitting two girls in the noggin as they tried to show off their rugby skills. Then...... came the girls *cue Sugababes song*. As Glenda, Lisa, Karen, Sybil and Aisling walked down the catwalk arm in arm, they stopped, gave each other a clap, walked back up the stage, and that was that. The last we saw of all the girls together. Next up, swimwear, evening gowns and the most adorable little girls dancing to All the Single Ladies. Once the show came to an end, Lisa and Karen came out, thanked everyone for coming and for those who were heading to the after party in Krystle, *claps hands together and smiles* there were some more free drinks. Ex-sugababe Mutya Buena closed the show with two songs, even though she could of had some style advice from those backstage, she does have an amazing voice. Yes, yes, she sang LIVE and was in the company of a very saucy young male *winks*.

Since the show began late, that meant that when we got to the VIP bar in the arena, we stood for 15 minutes and didn't get served as the bar closed, needless to say I became a tad grumpy. So next stop... THE AFTER PARTY!!! *woops* I must admit, myself and my companion for the evening (thanks Zara) tucked into some free Martini cocktails. As we sat at our table, no one stood near us as everyone hovered at Ms Gilson's table, who was in great form sipping on a few drinkie poos and shots. I like to think that it was warmer that end of the bar. Eventually the rest of the Xpose girls arrived and stayed for a short time, greeted all their friends, had a few laughs and then headed home for an early night.

What I was disappointed at was the fact that I missed the Q&A that was being held (presumably at the same time as the fashion show). All the top stylists in the country were on hand to answer any fashion dilemmas, and also give some style advice. Now surely, it would have made sense to have that before or after the show so we could all learn how to become, fashionistas?

If anyone was there over the weekend, please do let us know what you thought of it. I had hoped for the girls to have a little interaction with those in the fashion show. As for the shopping, there was a lot of bargains to avail off, Ruby Couture were there with Roberto Cavalli, D&G, all at knock down prices. Make-up galore, nail bars, shoes that you could die for and some amazing jewellery stalls. Every girl's dream (please note this is Alicia's opinion, not Sheena's).

Advice for next year, don't get sucked into the tarot reading, it's not worth the €10, head with plenty of time to spare, as there is a lot to take in. Bring a lot of cash, as you will impulse buy (and possibly regret it after).

For more photos of the night, swing on over to Caught Out.

Words by - Alicia Coyle.