After almost ten years (which have gone almost as fast as the last nine months) of regurgitating Gossip stories from across the globe, I'm off for an extended spell to magic a baby out of thin air (the Stork's coming, right. No, seriously, the Stork's coming *rocks slowly*)

Of course there are things I won't miss about hauling my increasingly heavy bones into towers for 8am. For example, I won't miss the woman who gets on at Sandycove Dart station, honking of cigarettes and chewing gum with her mouth open for the entire journey; the zombies blindly barrelling off the buses on the quays, completely oblivious that they're bashing into a large pregnant; and generally trying to function on half power because I've a little mite who gets preference for oxygen ahead of my brain. And then there's the Dinny Byrne gait on me. Always attractive.

I will, however miss my co-workers, who have been really great and will do a beyond brilliant job while I'm knee deep in nappies. Dave O'Shaughnessy is taking over this here Gossip Section, and will no doubt work wonders with it given the wizardry he's currently bringing to WTF. Sarah Doran will now be bringing you your TV highlights, Soap previews, and TV News. And the very lovely Caroline Foran is taking over as Senior Editor, looking after the stuff you don't see behind the scenes. Claire Duffy is taking on the role of Comedy Editor, while Brendan O'Rourke is our new Theatre Editor. ALL CHANGE!

Thanks for everything. Onwards and upwards, folks.