There are times when you find yourself in a job interview that often doesn't go how you planned.

It can be any number of things - the job turns out to be way more complicated than you expected, it wasn't what was advertised, or it becomes clear you haven't a clue what you're doing. Thankfully, these normally take places behind closed doors where nobody expect you and the people interviewing need see you break out into a flop-sweat.

For Matthew Spencer Petersen, it's another story altogether. As a nominee for the position of federal district court judge, Petersen has to undergo questioning by members of the US Senate's judiciary committee.

Petersen's role, before Donald Trump selected him as a candidate for federal district court judge, was at the Federal Election Commission and - by his own admission - has absolutely no experience in acting as a trial lawyer.

Here's the hearing. Hide behind your hands if you need.

Now, here's a little tidbit of trivia for you. The Daubert Standard has to do with using expert witnesses in a trial, and whether they're admissible as evidence. A lawyer can raise a Daubert motion which would exclude certain parts of expert testimony by a witness, and it's up to the judge to rule if it's allowed or not.

Another term that was asked about was a Motion In Limine, which is Latin and means "at the start." It basically means that before a trial begins before a jury, lawyers can argue to have certain parts of evidence excluded or removed because it may prejudice their judgement or that it's irrelevant to the case at hand.

Again, just to be clear, this stuff is bog-standard in trial law and this guy didn't even know what it was. We're an entertainment and pop culture website and this took two minutes of reading to find out.

Donald Trump thought this guy was a perfect candidate to become a judge.


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