13 year old Australian surfer Kirra-Belle Olsson was attacked by a shark while surfing near a group of fish when she fell off her board. She was attacked 3 times by the shark, which tried to pull her under the water, having latched onto her leg. 

Warning: The below image is graphic. 

In somewhat of a typically Aussie manner, she laughed off the attack despite suffering horrible wounds below.

Olsson said, "Sharks are one of the most amazing creatures as I snorkel with them and they don't attack unless they mistake you for a fish. 'Im not a negative person so if you people writing some negative comments could please stop." Who was negative? We want to find these dopes Liam Neeson style.

Good god this young lady is wise AND tough beyond her years. We salute her. 

You can have a look at Kirra's Facebook page over yonder where she shared the pics and some other cool surfing pictures before the attack.