And so the American TV launch party season continues on with more and more small screen celebs traipsing up and down red carpets, wearing sun glasses and posing with their asses pointed at the cameras. What's up with that? It's not the showing off of elaborate back detail on certain dresses I'm talking about, that I understand, it's the 'oh here, get a good shot of my arse there will ya?' posing that seems most popular events. Looky here, here and here.

Anyhoo, this time it's the USA Network Upfront Presentation that has the stars suited and booted. Although Nip Tuck's Sharon Gless seems to have missed the memo that this is not a Men In Black fancy dress party. Bless her. The gorgeous Piper Perabo (of Coyote Ugly fame), Peter Gallagher who I'll forever refer to now as Sandy from The OC and Tiffani Thiessen (AKA Kelly Kapowski from Saved By The Bell - the girl we all wanted to be/do growing up) wre among those in attendance.

Eye candy came in the form of Suits' Gabriel Macht - he was one of Samantha's first sexual conquests in season one of Sex and the City and he's as dreamy now as he was then - and Mark Feuerstein who I've always had kind of a crush on. Meanwhile the token coolness factor came by way of Mark Ronson in a leopard print blazer. Look at the face of him! "Why the f*ck are you taking this photo of me." He didn't say. In fairness to him, he's so freakin' cool, he can do what he wants.

And isn't it nice to see big movie stars still keen to work on TV? Here's the very talented Sigourney Weaver who seems to have just got a whiff of something nasty. Those lower rung TV folk, so smelly!

Caroline Foran