Interview by: Caroline Foran

Ahead of this year's Laya Healthcare Street Performance World Championship, we caught up with the freakiest act of all, the act with not one but TWO tongues, The Lizardman. His answers to our questions reveal more about him than any attempt at an intro would, so without further ado...

What in the HELL made you slit your tongue in two?

As much as I can understand how splitting my tongue in two makes no sense to some people, it is almost equally hard for me to understand why some people wouldn't want to split their tongue in two. It just seems right to me to have two tongues, it is a very basic thing in terms of who I am.

Rrrright. Did it hurt?

Of course it hurt, it was my tongue being burned in half by a biopsy laser and then sutured. I think this is probably the sticking point for most people, not the split tongue itself but the pain of the procedure. However, you can't let fear of pain run your life - lots of things hurt but they can be worthwhile. For instance, I hear that childbirth is very painful but people keep having babies. Instead of being consumed by a fear of pain you have look at the reward on the other side of it. For me, achieving my dream of having two tongues was well worth the discomfort.

So you're living the dream. Does it affect how you eat and other functions that involve your mouth?

Not much at all, I adapted very quickly without even trying and if I do encounter a difficulty I can simply hold the forks together and use them like one tongue again.

Must be weird to kiss you though?

That is probably better answered by the people I have kissed. It is definitely an attraction to some because of the unusual things I can do compared to a single tongue. For myself it is kind of cool that I can roll the forks over each other in my mouth and experience something akin to making out with myself.

Well that's handy. If you had to describe the type of street performer you are, where would you begin?

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