Yesterday I wrote a story about Sacha Baron Cohen's latest media stunt. I finished by saying 'what ever will he do next'. Well, I didn't have to wait too long for that question to be answered. Yesterday he tries to go shopping at Cannes only to fall off a camel, next thing you know he's off gallivanting on a yacht with George Clooney's ex bird, Elisabetta Canalis.

Man, I WISH I could hang out with him for a day. Imagine the antics you'd get up to! Although you'd probably not survive it.

In The Dictator's latest attention-grabbing stunt, not that he really needs to do any more for this movie, we are all now fully aware of it, the comedy actor was pictured fooling around on a yacht at Cannes with Canalis. The pair flirted, tugged at each other's knickers, drank litres of champagne, danced for all the world to see and then, being the tyrannical ruler that he is, he threw her body over board.

Admiral General Aladeen's rifle was never far from his side, nor were his stone-faced body guards and as soon as the model poked fun at his nether regions, the 'throat-slitting' signal was no doubt given to his staff and later her body was (in a body bag) f*cked off the boat.

Again, what ever will he do next!

What do you think his next stunt will be?

Caroline Foran