If you were trying to kick drugs, would you choose to speak to Pete Doherty every day as part of your recovery programme? Pete, who was recently pictured banging up just days after promising fans he was clean, said; "I speak to Amy almost every day. She just wants her man back for Christmas. They are desperately in love. One good thing is that Blake has got clean since he has been in prison. It's quite awakening. Amy stopped doing everything (bar getting BULLETS) since he went in. She realises how much they have to lose. They are going to lose each other if it carries on. Love, music and melody is the way forward." Suuuuuure dude. Speaking outside West London Magistrates Court yesterday (he was there for a review of his year-long drug rehabilitation treatment following his relapse) he continued; "It hasn't been all plain sailing. I am sad to say I had a drugs relapse. I was clean for 11 weeks before that... Let's just say we are not dreaming of a white or brown Christmas!" That man truly is a poet.