It's a rare thing to empathise with a celebrity; however, her from the 'English Patient' recently said a few relatable things recently: "I felt socially inept. I used to be afraid to ring people to ask if they would have lunch with me because I was afraid they'd make up an excuse and I wouldn't be able to handle the rejection. To deal with it, I created a haze around myself and didn't acknowledge people, so I seemed aloof. A mix of therapy and just growing older helped... I've had an astrology reading. It was the best thing ever. She made me feel wonderful about myself. (This is where there might be a few issues) You're paying someone (a HUMONGOUS £134 by all accounts) to give you complete attention and you come out feeling positive, thinking: 'Great! Everything is going to work out and I'll have lots of money. My children are going to be really happy and one of my sons is going to be president.' I'd certainly do it again." She then waved at her son, petrified on top of a makeshift throne, before dancing off into the night. OK, she's  blatantly having a laugh there with the 'president' thing towards the end *crosses fingers* but, at 134 knicker STERLING, crazed cackling is mandatory.