How do you combat negative PR? You get out there amongst the people and just be as darn nice as you can be… according to the law of Baldwin. You might recall some months back that the man (who's played the same character in 'Will and Grace', that episode of the Simpson where he played the manatee loving Dr. Caleb Thorn and '30 Rock') left a horrifying message on his young daughter's phone. He was a trifle irate she failed to answer his call and thus thought it was his God given right to call her a 'pig'. Well, Alec has seen the error of his ways, a point proved by his actions in New York this week. According to The Post; "He was spotted on Tuesday saying 'Happy Thanksgiving' to 'every person who passed him... He was just walking up and down Central Park West saying 'Happy Thanksgiving' to complete strangers'." How productive. That time would not have been better spent mending bridges with said daughter or, failing that, helping the less fortunate in some way.