Alexa has just become even cooler.

Amazon's virtual personal assistant Alexa has proven a hit with tech nerds and noobs alike. She can do everything from playing back music, setting alarms, searching real-time information and more.

Well aside from being super practical, the tech is about to become a hell of a lot more entertaining. Because yes, the one and only Samuel L Jackson will be the next voice of Alexa.

Jackson will be the first celebrity voice to be rolled out on Alexa. Previous celebrity voice features have relied upon pre-recorded audio.

The feature for his voice will have a fee. It becomes available to users later this year.

Better yet, the feature is going to make liberal use of Jackson’s reputation for profanity. Of course, if you're worried about the kids, users have the option to turn swearing on or off.

Amazon said more celebrity voices will be added in 2020. But Jackson's suave tones are a hell of a good start.