Rant by: Caroline Foran

With all these comedians getting the chance to rant to their hearts content we thought we, the staff of entertainment.ie, would get in on the action too! Because let's face it, we could all do with a bit of a moan, now and then. Here Comedy and Theatre Editor, Caroline, rants about her latest experiences on Dublin Bus.

We all know what triggers road rage. Bad drivers cutting in front of you, leaving you stuck at a red light while Mr. Inconsiderate Bastard in his tinted-windowed Punto speeds off into the distance; a trail of dodgy exhaust fumes in his wake. Then there's the tangoed D4 head too busy back-combing her hair in her rear-view mirror to notice the lights have gone green. Go, God Dammit!

The good thing about road rage though, is that safe in the comfort of your own motor, you're free to scream C*NT and PR*CK to your heart's content. Unlike, for example, when you're on a bus. You'd think once the bus turns up on time, the traffic's not too bad, and you get a seat by the window that you're in for a fairly stress free journey. Nope! Not on my bus route. Said route starts out in Finglas, connects all major universities, and goes by a few old folks homes along the way too. So, in one morning I get to see, hear (and smell) all sorts of rage-inducing walks of life - belligerent oul ones, self important, know-it-all students and terrifying, cocky teenage scumbags.

In the space of one short week I had the pleasure of experiencing the following:

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