At last - we finally know the reason why the once stunning Mrs. Presley felt compelled to commence morphing into a shiny, shiny Jackie Stallone, roughly carved from cheese - she was ambushed by a needle brandishing randomer. Repeatedly. He went by the name Dr. Daniel Serrano (I shall refer to him as Dr. Ham from now on) and earned a fair wedge administering what he claimed was some form of uber Botox to impressionables in 2003. Said Botox was in fact industrial, low-grade silicone similar to what's used to lubricate auto parts in Argentina. Dr. Ham's concoction caused "lumps, paralysis and holes in the faces" of many a woman/man, including the wives of Larry King and Lionel Richie (I'm sure Larry and Lionel wouldn't touch off the stuff). To cap things off - Dr. Ham wasn't even a licensed doctor and became known to the feds as "Dr. Jiffy Lube." Seemingly Priscilla had no idea she was allowing her face to be injected with a close relative of car lube and is "undergoing corrective work." Perhaps she should consult Dr. Narins - a dermatologist with a heart who recently gave her opinion to the New York Daily News: "Watching the show (Priscilla is currently participating in US show Dancing With The Stars), you can see that a whole group of things has gone wrong. There is no movement at all in her face, no expression. No expert in Botox would leave you like that. Her chin is too masculine and wide. It's too big of an implant. It looks manly. Her eyes are smaller. It looks like someone used too much filler around them. Her mouth is uneven. It's almost like a Bell's palsy on one side, as if there's been nerve damage." Would you like to take a little crack at her dancing skills while you're at it?