This story, which has been raging on for a while, is rearing its head again today. Model Naomi Campbell might have to testify at a war crimes trial after it was claimed an African president gave her a 'blood diamond'. Campbell was reportedly given the gift by the Liberian leader Charles Taylor after he came into office.The leader is currently on trial in Holland and has been accused of arming rebels in Sierra Leone in return for the diamonds.

Taylor is denying he ever had any of the gems in his possession, but Brenda Hollis, who is prosecuting, believes Campbell's testimony will give 'direct evidence' he was not telling the truth. Woody Allen's ex-wife Mia Farrow is also wanted at the trial as she was at a 1997 reception with Campbell.

It's alleged that the super model told Farrow two men had woken her one morning and 'presented her with a large diamond, which they said was from Charles Taylor'. According to The Sun, a court spokesperson has denied that the model has been given any of the diamonds, and her publicist in London has declined to comment on the matter.

-Alicia Coyle