Yesterday's Met Gala (AKA The Fashion Oscars) gallery boasting 106 pictures of pretty much everyone (apart from the Pitts and the Cruises, or Mr. Clooney. Or Mila Kunis, Or Natalie Portman, or - OK I'll stop now, just saying that not everyone was there, but pretty much everyone was) clearly wasn't enough. For here are more.

Those who managed to escape yesterday's gallery include some late comers and those who just sloped straight off to the after party in Standard. Let's start with the late comers:
1) Christina Ricci in some kind of a rogue table feature.
2) SJP in Caroline Foran's sheets which have been whittled into a Sunday dress by Laura Ingles. With added Wonder Women bullet repellent wrist cuffs?
3) Jessica Chastain in a boob melding dress (it is the dresses aim to make her breasts an angry uniboob while her waist gets eaten alive by the ever expanding hoops of doom - also, the lipstick is pretty unforgiving. 
4) Alexa Chung not having the balls to wear the dress without a billowing blouse underneath, which is strange given she's essentially wearing a collection of bin bags and tyres stitched together, while Karen Elson came as a deflated French maid flapper.
5) Stella McCartney bringing the humble shoulder pad to a whole new interplanetary level. Or perhaps she's just impersonating the outside of Westwood gym. 
6) Rooney Mara also getting her arse out, but it struck more of a bum note. The key is, Rooney, if you're going to show some arse, you need to get at least half of your bum bags out.
7) Chloe Sevigny taking a leaf out of Marc Jacob's book but managing to pull it off without looking like a goth leprechaun in a gay bar by way of Wee Willy Winkle. She's definitely more Studio 54 in a vinyl factory.
8) Anja Rubik intent on showing us the bony bit beside her birth canal. Thanks Anja, now off for a burger with you. 
9) Anna Wintour embossed with a lobster. 

Moving on to the after party slopers:
1) Camilla Belle pictured here at the event itself changed her dress for some reason, which wasn't the best idea.
2) Jamie King also changed her guna, something her toes didn't thank her for. They look sad, one can only blame the blue dress.
3) Ginnifer Goodwin crawled through a coral reef to get there.
4) Coco Rocha came as Avril Lavigne impersonating Liz Taylor enjoying a cocktail and the Copacabana.

Then we had Kate Upton proving that clothing is not her friend.

I'm not the only person to think this. The faceless folk on Twitter weren't too kind, with one commenting: "In what might be the most unflattering picture of Kate Upton ever taken, here she is at the Met Ball last night. She looks like a transvestite who's eaten way too many jalapeno burgers."

The International Business Times have created a handy round up of put downs that were doled out to the model yesterday after her "high fashion debut… Critics roasted the blonde bombshell for her choice of attire, hairstyling and makeup. 'Where did her natural beauty go?' asked the Daily Mail. 'Far from proving she has the goods to be a part of the style set, the Sports Illustrated model disappointed on the red carpet with heavy make-up and unnaturally dark eyebrows. Teamed with an almost face-lift inducing tight and slick up-do, the 19-year-old looked more 'playing dress-up' than dressed-up in her gold Michael Kors gown.' Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton added his two cents. 'Don't get us wrong, we love sparkles, shine, and dramatic make-up, but this combination is just not working for us. The Sports Illustrated model wore a long, liquid silver Michael Kors gown that did everything to her body, except flatter her figure. The slicked-back hair, dark eyebrows and lips are just not doing it for us either. You're such a pretty girl, Kate… Next time, $ave your money".

Or just show some cleavage, and perhaps a bikini bottom the size of a postage stamp.

And as for the "$ave your money" comment, it's rumoured Kate forked out $25k to secure herself a ticket to the event.

That's twentyfiveTHOUSANDdollars.