Another day in the world of gossip, another celebrity split. This time it's our very own golfing sensation Rory McIlroy who has thrown in the towel on long-term girlfriend Holly Sweeney. The Open champion's management issued a statement just yesterday confirming that the two had agree to go their separate ways before the Open Championship last week and apparently it was all hugs and kisses. 'Amicable' as they say it might have begun, we're guessing that'll soon change amidst rumours of McIlroy's sneaky dates with not just any old rebound but Danish world number one tennis player Caroline Wozniacki, of all people. Way to make Holly who's often described as the Ulster Rugby 'Cheerleader' feel like total crap.

As teenage sweethearts, McIlroy had been dating Sweeney for years. While they split briefly earlier in the year, they were soon back in each other's arms in time for the US Masters when Rory was in need of more than just a shoulder to cry on. And as the pair celebrated his return home with the US Open trophy just last month, it looked a love that'd last forever. But who are we kidding, it's few men that can have that much power and that much money without eventually succumbing to the life of a single celebrity. Especially those in the sporting world.

Well at least, unlike many of McIlroy's peers, he didn't move on while still in the relationship (we hope!). But it seems quicker than the world could get a sec to read the news, McIlroy was already seen courting a new love in Wozniacki. There'll be no grass growing under his feet I tell ya.

First they were spotted in a London restaurant on Sunday. Then, to piss just a little bit more on the long-term love he shared with Sweeney, the two sporting sensations were pictured smoochin' on the street before going their separate ways. It's a bit too soon to comment on whether this is something that will last, but rest assured Holly, because whether it's a one-night thing, a two month fling or even a 10 year marriage, like every other couple in celebville, it'll end one day all the same.

Caroline Foran