"I felt like I was betraying my partner, and I was you know. Not in the overtly physical sense but mentally, you know." The first person has left, thanks to the public texting their wages away, and that person is Marc Bannerman (in case the title and/or picture left you in any doubt). Obviously the voting masses (usually 99% female) didn't appreciate you flaunting your "deep friendship" with Cerys in front of your girlfriend. We all know you want to get deep inside your friend's ship, your dorty man. And so does your girlfriend… After stupidly flying to Australia in the first place, Sarah Matravers fled the country before Marc made his exit from the camp. According to The Sun, Marc said post departure; "I'm shocked that I could have such a deep relationship with Cerys and I tried so hard not to hurt anyone. Nothing happened. But I struggled with my emotions. I still am. I'm terrified… I'm going to have to apologise. I've embarrassed Sarah and myself."

Cerys won't have nothing to do now that Marc's left, however. Herself and Gemma reportedly were picked for the Bushtucker Trial which entails enjoying a reverse bungee while throwing painted tennis balls. One could say no expense spared but it's to be expected if the reported contestant fees are in the region of £250k each.

In other I'm a Celeb "news" - Lynne bores the bits off people (mainly Janice) by stating that her life was much funnier than how it was portrayed in Absolutely Fabulous. Yes, Jennifer Saunders' Edina Monsoon was based on Lynne... yep, she actually inspired someone.