When asked if her children give her a hard time over not being around much due to her day job ('flashing' takes you all over the globe, you know), Madonna said: "Yeah! 'When are you coming home?' 'Why are you always working?' 'Why can't you just be like a normal mom?' I just remind them about all the things that they have, and that if I didn't do what I did they wouldn't have those things...  They get to travel a lot, they get to do a lot of interesting things and meet a lot of interesting people. Usually that shuts them up." Yeah! I hear you, sister. Damn, pesky, needy children, needing love 'n stuff from their mom *rolls eyes* And how about them harping on and ON about a bit of stability in their short formative years?! How can a working girl shut them the hell up?! Hey, maybe encourage them to talk to interesting strangers more - that'd beat a cuddle from mommy's man-arms any day!