He may have failed to inform his fiance that he'd dumped her for a fellow rehabber, but it appears Lindsay Lohan's new fellah, Riley Giles, has a head on his shoulders when it suits him. Although you'd have to be Britney Spears not to question Dina Lohan's parenting skills. Riley had a thing or two to say on his MySpace page regarding Dina's new reality show, in which she pretty much exploits her younger offspring; "Advice of the week - if you're a mother with four kids the best thing you can do for them right now is have a reality show We Do Not Want. She had the nerve to ask us to be on it. No thanks!" He may have a number of convictions under his belt for repeated forgeries for prescription drugs, but even he can see that Dina Lohan should perhaps put being a ma/nager aside until her kids are reared. As it stands "filming on her reality show, which is yet to be named, began in New York last month. She will be executive producer on the show, which will be shown on E! and will heavily feature Lindsay's younger sister Ali, 13, who is a singer and actress." And, when she's in rehab, Dina will hone in on the 11-year-old.