One Direction's 'Where We Are' World Tour dates in full:

Tickets on sale 10am on Saturday May 25th.



Well we've just arrived in the absolutely mahoosive Wembley. I'm trying to feign nonchalance being surrounded by an ever-so-cool group of international press and whatnot but truth be told, when you realise you're in the same building as One Direction, mere meters away, you can't help but get a little excited; five ordinary lads shoot to an unfathomable level of fame, followed everywhere they go by worryingly obsessed fans - it's surreal to say the least.

Any minute now and we'll make for the press conference room like the bulls at Pamplona and find out this 'One Big Announcement', which considering where we are - Wembley - is more than likely that they're planning a stadium tour with stop offs at Dublin's Croke park and more. Other rumours that we're hearing is that they're headed towards South America...

Anything you think it might be? Anything you'd like it to be? They're splitting up? They're moving to the Himalayas for a reality TV hanging with some monks? We want to hear your ideas...

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We've been shepherded downstairs into a conference room.


Looks like a MASSIVE World Tour is on the cards for 2014! And we can definitely see the Irish flag on the hoarding!









If you're looking for official info, don't bother, is down because of all the One D fans!













The homepage, in case you were wondering:









And that's it from Wembley! We'll leave Caroline in peace now to avoid getting arrested for nicking Wembley glassware and give you a full lowdown with ticket info once we get it. One last word from the Mullingar man himself.



Finally I can take a breather and allow the steam to cool off my Twitter happy fingers to share the general reaction from the 'big news' right here. So the only real news was that they're about to embark on their first ever arena tour, which is probably why the hashtag 'onebigdisappointment' is now trending worldwide on Twitter. What were we hoping for? What else could they have announced? They're not about to become fathers, they're not in a secret cult, so this is pretty much all it could have been. In other news, Louis also told us that there's a new album in the works with a 'rockier, edgier' sound. But enough about the news - I've got shag all to report on considering the only Irish question allowed was about the 'best thing to come out of Ireland besides Niall', to which they collectively responded 'sausages' - let's talk about the lads themselves:

Zayn said not a single word. He's the brooding, silent type, too busy weighed down by his ever growing hair quiff to bother his arse talking. So it was down to the straight talking mouthpiece that is Liam Payne to answer the serious questions, Niall to make the odd Irish reference, Louis to crack a joke per minute and Harry to sit there looking hot. Sitting beside the ride that is Georgie from Spin1038, we managed to catch Harry's eye for a frantic wave. Let it be known, when you engage with Harry Styles in the flesh, all James Dean-esque while still being polite as f*ck, it's no wonder he's such a world renowned charmer, breaking hearts at every turn.

With all the questions out of the way in the blink of an eye, the lads had disappeared before I had time to compose myself post tweeting frenzy. With no chance of a photo, myself and Georgie were left to our own devices. Naturally, we sat in Harry's seat, where his actual BUM sat, 'cause y'know we have to keep the fans happy. Then we had a creepy sniff of Louis' water glass before we were swiftly evacuated from the press room. Knowing the lads had been swept away for a kick about on Wembley's enormous pitch, we quickly snuck out to the viewing deck where we took a few unauthorised photos. Needless to say, from that distance, I may as well have been taking photos of five frolicking seagulls for they were that hard to see. Again, we were told to shag off before the security heavies were on our tails.

Alas, it was then time to vacate the stadium, suffer the evils of a few fans that had gathered outside for they knew we had just breathed the same air as One freakin' Direction, and be on our merry way.

Now, it's time to eat and catch up with all my new Twitter followers going by the various names of '@xoxoHarry' and '@OMGILOVELIAM' and the likes. Apparently I'm the luckiest girl in the world, but in reality these are just five ordinary lads who, they'll admit, haven't got a scooby doo what's going on. Nothing too unearthly about them all. Though try telling that to my 16 year old self.

'til next time!