Last week we brought you pictures straight from the New York premiere of What To Expect When You're Expecting. However, given that JLO and her hoop couldn't attend on that night, we thought this called for a whole new story. Sporting a plunging neckline a full-length beige pleated Maria Lucia Hohan frock, Lopez proved that no number of separations, divorces or bearing twin babies will keep her from looking her absolute best.

On first inspection, I wasn't mad on the colour but set against those striking lips, girlfriend's got it goin' on. As if Lopez's derriere wasn't enough, here comes Cameron Diaz to make us all sick with envy at the sight of those pins. The blonde bombshell worked the red carpet with her usual simple yet sexy girl-next-door look.

All the usual suspects were out in force - fellow cast members Brooklyn Decker, Elizabeth Banks, Chase Crawford (hubba hubba), Anna Kendrick, Matthew Morrison etc - as well as Whitney Port who, let's face it, would go to the opening of an envelope and a very pregnant Melissa Joan Hart. Fitting movie for her to be going to don'tcha think?

The imaginary best dressed award (wherein I represent all members of the imaginary judging panel) goes to Brooklyn Decker who, donning a floral yellow Giambattista Valli drop waist dress, looked fresh, pretty and reminded us as we shiver at our desks that somewhere in the world, summer exists.

For those of you who care nothing for my outfit commentary and only for gratuitous sideboob shots, here you go. Sideboob here, sideboob there (did you spot the tit tape?), manky squished-up toe cleavage here.

And for the rest of you who just want to ogle at hot boys, here's Chace Crawford (with his MAM, which therefore means he's single, which therefore means I have a chance, which therefore means... *booksonewayflightotLA); here's a daper Joe Manganiello and here's Rodrigo Santoro. One word: swoon (*dribble dribble).

Meanwhile Taboo from The Black Eyed Peas came along to fill the 'someone here needs to be wearing hipster glasses or this event isn't cool' role.

Caroline Foran