Poor Kim Kardashian. Most of us just get the odd frape or 'twape' (is that what the kids are calling them?) but she had her entire IMDB profile hacked by none other than IMDB staff member Jon Hopwood. And this wasn't just of the 'Kim Kardashian likes willies' variety. Oh no, this is a full on lambasting of her 'career', if you will, in which he strips the famous for being famous star right back to her sex tape days. Poor pet. Having said that, it was pretty f*cking hilarious.

Let's cut to the chase of her somewhat altered bio:

"Kim Kardashian is emblematic of the shallowness of American culture in the first two decades of the new millennium. While some cultural critics call her the prime avatar of the 'famous for being famous' faux celebrity crowd, she along with Paris Hilton is a new breed of cat whose celebrity comes from the release of a sex tape and the canny exploitation of the resulting publicity. Like her good friend Miss Hilton (their relationship predates Kim's "celebrity", Kardashian is possessed of photogenic good looks but is short of any other discernible talents outside of the bedroom. Both expanded their celebrity by becoming reality TV "stars".

It gets worse...

"Porn pioneer Harry Reems has commented how surprised he is at how porn stars like Jenna Jameson are accepted now in mainstream culture. His life was ruined by his participation in porn in its !Golden Years". As for Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, the release (accidental or not-so-accidental) of boudoir tapes didn’t result in shame but celebration. America like ancient Rome seems to have shuffled off the moral coil of virtue of the Republic and is now enjoying its Imperial self in an orgy of ignominy. It's always more fun on the toboggan ride down the hill than it was schlepping up it in the first place."

Sadly, the bio has since been removed from IMDB, but CNN tell us that Uproxx have saved a screenshot, in which they've credited Hopwood. Now what I'm wondering is, will Hopwood get fired for this or will his boss take him out for several pints, presenting him with the altered Kardashian bio framed in a wall hanging.

Some would argue, it's the latter he deserves.

Caroline Foran