Kelly Brook is the kinda gal that doesn't take life too seriously and by God does she know how to party. While other female celebs work painstakingly to maintain their immaculate image, some of whom are even afraid to get papped with a smile on their face (Victoria Beckham anyone?), our girl Kelly here is no stranger to letting the hair down, kicking her heels off (literally) and having a good time. But laid back as she is, dancing around in the sand on a beach in Naples, with what seems like more than a few beverages in her belly, she still managed to look amazing. We wish we could hate her, but we can't. It's that age-old case of 'girls wanna be her and guys wanna be with her'. Busting her moves in her pink satin dress, the 31 year old British model partied the night away in Naples after attending the Ischia Global Film and Music Festival.

But while Kelly has a boyfriend in the form of former Rugby Union International, Thom Evans, she didn't seem too reserved when cosying up to Hostel director Eli Roth for some festival fun. Roth previously enjoyed a brief fling with Peaches Geldof and by the looks of these pics, he's got quite the way with the ladies. Who could resist those barefoot Saturday Night Fever inspired dance moves? Whether jealous or not, I'm sure Kelly's BF will be only delira to see his girlfriend smiling again after the recent tragedy of their miscarriage that knocked her temporarily off kilter.

Caroline Foran.

Sheena McGinley is away.