She's (what seems perpetually) seven months pregnant and now she's in rehab. For the fourth time. Hey, at least she's recognised she needs help... not for that little gurning issue she constantly has, no - she's "just feeling a little down." According to a "friend" blabbing to The Sun; "She's been locked away in her bedroom for days just staring at the wall - severely emotional and depressed. Everything she was reading in the press has built up." Aw, she'll be thrilled to read that. A rep added: "Kerry has not suffered a nervous breakdown. She suffers from bipolar disorder and is just feeling a little down." Yeah, all those pregnancy hormones mixed with nicotine, alcohol, other alleged substances, while the press report that your standing by your cheating, control freak husband who's coming across ever so well in your reality TV show, would aggravate a bipolar condition something shocking.