If I said the name Jack Dee to you, a wry, deadpan individual would spring to mind, yes? Not someone who would employ the services of a faith healer to cleanse his house of dark spirits… In an interview with the charming This Morning team, the comedian (and former Celebrity Big Brother winner) divulged that he and his wife were having the same nightmares in their prior home; "Jane was more freaked out then I was to begin with, until I started having the same nightmares as her. And then I thought, 'No we have to do something about it. Obviously this is real, not just imaginary because I'm actually scared now'. Of his encounter with the spiritualist, who "worked as an accountant by day and an exorcist in the evening," Dee said; "He came round, he had all these little charms and he went round the house and he was dispelling all these ghosts, saying: 'Go in peace, be gone', and all this stuff… The rest of the house felt fine and during the week I went down to the basement, I'm not making this up, and I suddenly felt: 'Oh God it's horrible down here, I've got to get out of the basement'." The exorcist later returned and headed into the cellar, announcing: 'Oh they've all come down here.' I said: 'Why didn't you tell them to get out the house, not into another room?'" And that's the end of that little tale. I hope you feel closer to Jack Dee in some way now.