If you've got little ones this Christmas and you're looking for an excuse to put them to bed early, Google has a great little feature to help.

The Google Santa tracker - santatracker.google.com - kicks off in 19 hours, as of writing, and will follow Santa on his journey across the globe, stopping off in the world's capitals and giving your kids plenty of information on them as well.

It also calculates how many presents Santa's delivering per hour and what speed his reindeers are travelling at (it's fast, like Concorde fast) and when they'll hit your town, village or city.

Not only that, NORAD - that's the North American Aerospace Command - also tracks Santa's journey across the globe via satellite trajectory that's normally used to monitor ICBM launches. Yay, fun!

You can follow NORAD's tracking here as well and see which of them will get to your house quicker.