Is it just me or is everyone SICK of hearing about all the rumours about who will replace Kelly Rowland on this year's X Factor? Well unfortunately you're about to hear some more.


Geri Halliwell is returning to the judging panel. Yeay. (It's hard to convey sarcasm with text, isn't it?) First they bring on Alexandra Burke as a guest who does herself no favours whatsoever by going all '' on us and now it's back to Halliwell who, despite impressing Simon last time, was apparently booed when she contributed to the show two years ago.

Anyway before you get excited (or not),  this is just a temporary fix while they scramble to find an appropriate replacement for Dannii who wasn't offered quite enough money to replace Kelly, (which in turn pissed off Simon who had a hot (*shudder) dalliance with Dannii) who we're assuming has moved on to bigger and better things. Keeping up? In a nutshell, nobody worth their salt seems to want this job and Simon has the hots for just about every woman he works with.

Revealed in The Mirror this morning, X-Factor movers and shakers believe Ginger Spice to be the perfect albeit temporary addition to the panel while they continue their hunt for the next big thing.

"Geri certainly isn't afraid to speak her mind and that's exactly what the show needs... She was in the Spice Girls, one of the biggest bands in pop history, so she knows exactly what it takes to succeed in this industry... She's a tough cookie and has dealt with everything the music business has thrown at her, so she's well qualified to spot contestants who have the talent and the personality to make it... It will be interesting to see what she makes of the talent in Liverpool - and no doubt her feisty personality will make for some brilliant television," said a source high up in the production.

Why then don't they just give her the job, full time? That's quite the glowing endorsement for someone who's set to last just one day at the Liverpool auditions.

What do you reckon, will she make the cut? Does she deserve to?

Caroline Foran