As Movie Editor Mike said to me last week while at the Dublin premiere of The Dictator, Sacha Baron Cohen has got to be a movie distributor's wet dream. Just look at the lengths he'll go to promote his movies. Wrecking Ryan Seacrest's buzz at the Oscars with the ashes incident, offering pot to former British MP Neil Hamilton back in 2000 as Ali G, crashing his bare arse right into rapper Eminem's face at the 2009 MTV Movie Awards for Bruno, there is little Cohen won't do for a headline. Meanwhile the movie distributors can kick back, relax, all the while confident that the whole world is watching.

Continuing his worldwide promotion of latest movie The Dictator, today Sacha Baron Cohen turned up at Cannes not in an army tank, not in a mankini but on a camel. Flanked by his poker faced Amazonian security girls, Admiral General Aladeen rocked up to the 65th Cannes Film Festival, one of the world's most prestigious festivals, causing quite a stir with his hairy companion.

As per The Telegraph, chaos understandably ensued as the press all scrammed to catch a glimpse of the actor on his latest media stunt. Rumour has it Cohen ordered his bodyguards to point their (plastic) rifles in the direction of the press outside the Carlton Hotel as he attemped to straddle his camel and head for the Croisette beachfront.

As good as he is for a stunt though, from looking at this pic it appears this one's kind of backfired on him. Yes, that's Cohen falling off the camel's back.

What ever will he do next?

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Caroline Foran