Did you know they have an award ceremony that celebrates fragrances? Well they do and they're called the FiFis. Any excuse for a party eh?

Last night's high profile event saw most eyes fixated on Nicole Richie who, opting for an embellished black baby doll dress complete with sweeping train, reminded us just how far she's come since her days of traipsing around farms and snacking on Twizzlers with former bezzie, Paris.

Also in attendance was a super sassy Chaka Khan in some sort of tribal get up which featured a train and some arm wingy things (someone really needs to buy me a glossary of fashion terms) Actually come to think of it, trains were particularly popular at this evening between Richie, Khan and Carol Alt (apparently she's an actress) whose dress could also double as a parachute, if needs be.

So, trains and posing with yer left leg uncomfortably exposed: two of the most prominent features on red carpets in 2012.

Also strutting her stuff on the red carpet was Martha Stewart. I was about to give her guff for bearing her knees past a certain age, there's some sort of rule about that isn't there? But then I went all Wikipedia on her ass and found out she is in fact SEVENTY FREAKIN' YEARS OF AGE. Holy shit! Granted, she's probably had all sorts of jobs done but if I look like Martha at 60 let alone 70, I'll be happy enough.

And while I'm at it ('it' being that I'm not complaining), doesn't Jane Lynch look swell? She has her mannish yet chic style sussed and she doesn't give a hoot about sticking to it. Her skin is very glowy too. I wonder if she, like Victoria Beckham, is also using sheep placenta to stay young? Sorry to have reminded you.

If you're interested in who scopped at the 40th Annual FiFi Awards you'll be saddened to learn that taking home the coveted Elizabeth Taylor award was Justin Bieber's 'Someday' fragrance. Well, perhaps when you marry the smell of horny teenage hormones with that of hair removal cream, you get yourself a FiFi winning combination.

Also garnering prizes were Gucci's Guilty Pour Homme and Tom Ford's Violet Blonde.

Caroline Foran