Remember how cute Hayden Panettiere was when she starred as Ally MacBeal's daughter Maddie? Or when she played Coach Bill Yoast's feisty little daughter in Remember The Titans? Through Heroes we watched her blossom into a beautiful young lady and now, attending an Entertainment Weekly & ABC TV party, it's safe to say she's all growd up. However, while she is undeniably gorgeous, she looks less classy pin up and more Playboy bunny here. Yes? No? What do we think of this get up? Not one known for getting it wrong, I'm just not sure about this.

Strutting her stuff on the black carpet for the Up Front VIP Party at the lavish Dream Downtown hotel in NYC last night, the 22 year old actress donned this busty red dress complete with a peroxide blonde do to promote her newest ABC television show "Nashville". The new show revolves around the city's vibrant music scene and centres in on two people: a star at her peak of fame and another on the rise.

Alongside Hayden were a whole rake of other ABC stars. Terry O'Quinn who will forever be known as yer man from Lost, Vanessa Williams who remains impervious to growing older, Eliza Coupe who chose to rock the sexy secretary look and Alyssa Milano whose outfit just isn't worth going into detail about. One word: 'meh'. All in all, there's nothing very 2012 about this black carpet. If you showed me these pics and told me they were from back in 2007, I'd well believe you. Where's all the cutting edge style ladies?

Oh wait, there it is, in the form of Emily VanCamp who I used to have the biggest girl crush on when she starred as Ephram's on again off again girlfriend in Everwood (2002). Now that's a girl whose grown up with style.

Also in attendance was John Legend, rockin' the laid back suit vibe to a tee, while singer Robin Thicke's attempt at smart casual goes somewhat awry with his open tie that to me, resembles two wine bottle sillouhettes. Looks like he just came back from a romp in the bushes and wasn't arsed fixing himself up. Make an effort, man!

Caroline Foran