Sure, in their droves they donate millions to charity but it's not every day you hear of a celebrity really going out of their way to help someone - scratch that - 'save the life of' someone in a sticky situation. We shouldn't be surprised though, we're only talking about one of the coolest most affable men in Hollywood, you guessed it (OK, the picture kinda gives it away) Mr. Dustin Hoffman.

My affection for Hoffman began with his turn in Kramer Vs. Kramer, it grew as I'm sure it did for most with the Oscar winning Rain Man, and now, hearing of how he came to the rescue of a passing jogger who collapsed with a heart attack in London's Hyde Park, I think I'm full blown in love.

The man, Sam Dempster, who experienced a cardiac arrest while jogging in the famous park thankfully lives to tell the tale of the day his life was saved by the famous passer-by.

Regaling his blog followers with his story last Tuesday, Dempster said that the actor waited with him after he collapsed until paramedics arrived.

He wanted to thank "my newfound favorite celebrity Dustin Hoffman."

Reports say that the actor said "Great job, guys" after they resuscitated Dempster with a defibrillator.

Classic Hoffman, saving lives.

Caroline Foran