FINALLY, years of writing blasted soap previews has paid off. I can utilise my contacts to touch base with young David Platt for a crash course in DIY bomb making... The Spice Girls AND the cast of Desperate Housewives are soon to be under the one roof, an opportunity which cannot go wasted. It's been reported that Victoria Beckham's "close friend" Eva Longoria will be accompanied by her castmates - Teri Hatcher (from the Pepperami ads), Nicollette Sheridan (the shemale host of Bolton's spawn), Felicity Huffman (lady that looks like a dude that looks like a lady) and Marcia Cross (the female alien who eats Martin Short's finger in Mars Attacks) - to see the reformed group when they perform at The Staples Centre on December 5th. Hmmmm... that doesn't give me much time. Eva struck up a "close friendship" with the Spice Girl the moment she arrived in LA, and is "keen to support Victoria and the rest of the girls in any way she can. She's already been giving Victoria advice on how to get over her nerves - reminding her how popular the group was, and telling her she can handle it." Eva obviously hasn't heard 'Headlines'.