It pains us to say this because it's such a trite saying and one that's often reductive, but this probably would only happen in Ireland.

A bus driver on the journey from Cork to Dublin stopped off mid-journey to feed a horse. The horse, per this tweet that's doing the rounds, had been neglected for several months and the as-yet unnamed bus driver apparently brought some carrots and apples with him, especially for the horse.

Judging by the location, our guess is this is somewhere along the M7 Motorway. Per Mark Malone, the Twitter used who captured the video, the bus driver explained what he was doing and quickly ran out to toss some carrots and apples over the fence to the horse, before returning to his bus to continue the journey.

What a nice thing to do - and so simple as well. As you can imagine, the bus driver's generosity soon became a viral sensation on Twitter, with everyone from Blindboy to TDs sharing the heartwarming video.

Here's the original tweet, in all its loveliness.