Britney Spears needs to get a lawyer with more convincing bargaining skills. Correction. Britney Spears needs to turn up for her random drug tests and therefore won't need these extra visits to court. If you weren't already aware, the mother of two has failed to respond to 8 out of 14 random drug test requests. Kevin's lawyer claims Britney lives in a 'parallel universe' and reminded the judge that she has already been reprimanded three times for not providing an accurate phone number. In her defence, her lawyer Anne Kiley came up with the following excuse; her client changes her number frequently because it "often falls into the wrong hands." Well, that's what happens when you invite strangers back to your gaff to snort coke off yer chest. When Commisioner Gordon said "responding to a morning call wasn't an extreme request, Kiley retorted: 'But you're not a pop star with a No. 1 album to promote.'" Um, neither is Britney. Her album is currently No.2 in the Billboard chart and there's the small matter of Jive not letting her promote the album.