A-list "actors" Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have stopped any rumours of a rift, by smiling broadly at each other on a red carpet in Cannes yesterday. That's what today's papers are saying, anyway (Ange even showed a bit of leg, which obviously means they're still doing it). Only last week, the same papers were moaning about the couple not being photographed together in three months, and were saying Brad was all but reunited with Jennifer Aniston 'cause he was (allegedly) spotted wearing a necklace she once gave him. Or something.

The red carpet event in question was the premiere of Quentin Taratino's Inglourious Basterds, in which Brat Pitt is the main attraction. Yeah, people will turn up to anything Pitt puts his face to - which is handy considering he's apparently a pushover when it comes to getting him to commit to filming:

"Quentin came to visit. I get up the next morning and see five empty bottles of wine - and something that resembles a smoking apparatus. I don't know what that was about - and apparently I had agreed to do this film."

After getting Pitt to sign on the dotted line, Quentin then shoved the smoking paraphernalia, his book of contracts and a box of cheap vino into his chin, and flew off like a harpy - screeching - in the direction of Samuel L. Jackson's house.