Some people name their babies after their grandparents, or someone that meant something special to the mother and father. Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin named their baby after a piece of fruit. Victoria and David Beckham named their first born after the place of conception. And now we have the King and Queen of Hip - Hop, Beyonce and Jay Z (whose real name is Shawn Carter) who have apparently based their baby girl's name - Blue Ivy - on a combination of their musical accomplishments.

According to a barrage of gossip churning sources, they took the name Blue from Jay Z's album 'Blueprint' while IVY derives from the Roman Numerals IV, meaning four, which is either the couple's 'special' number, the date of both parent's birthdays or it refers to the title of Beyonce's last album, the rather unsuccessful, 4. Romantic, isn't it? Why can't they just call her something like Rachel? Still, congratulations to them all the same.

What's more interesting to me though, is the bogus name that Bey gave when renting out an entire floor of New York's Lenox Hospital for a sum of £840,000 - Ingrid Jackson. Wonder who that one's inspired by? As per The Sun, Beyonce, who's now 30, gave birth in a planned Caesarean on Saturday night, with her long time fella by her side. So what happened to all the poor patients formerly residing on that floor of the Lenox? Get rid of 'em, the First Baby of Hip - Hop deserves nothing less.

Not only did they boot out all the grannies, they also stripped the staff of their personal belongings. Doctors and nurses were asked to hand in their mobile phones while security cameras were covered with tape. This, according to reports, annoyed one doctor. Damn straight it did! The world can't stop because someone in the public eye has a baby. If it wasn't for people like this doctor or that farmer up North who kicked up a fuss when Rihanna came along to dance around his field in a bra, these celebs would take over the world!

Twitter's since gone into overdrive with a whole rake of famous friends wishing the new Mammy and Daddy their best. While everyone is delighted, (Take That frontman and The X Factor judge Gary Barlow said: "Congrats to Beyoncé & Jay-Z on the birth of their first child Blue Ivy... Special moment! x" and R&B star Ne-Yo tweeted: "Shout out to Blu Ivy Carter! Jay and B's beautiful baby girl! WELCOME TO THE WORLD PRINCESS!!") I reckon the only one a bit miffed is U2's The Edge. They've only gone and stolen the thunder from his daughter, Blue Angel.

Caroline Foran