Harper Seven might not yet have the ability to differentiate her hands from her feet but she's already the envy of girls the world over. Cheryl Cole's already stopped by for a meet and greet and next in line is Justin Bieber. According to The Sun today, the teen idol will put on a private concert for the new addition to the Beckham brood and I'm sure she's only beside herself with excitement.

The 17-year-old teen heart throb has agreed to perform an intimate gig at their LA home but he aint doing this out of the goodness of his teeny bopper heart, God no. He wants private soccer lessons from the former England captain in return. You scratch my back Becks, I'll scratch yours.

The Bieber hopes to take along his singer and actress girlfriend Selena Gomez as a support act and they'll be dedicating their songs to the ten-day-old snapper. I wonder if Harper will be putting in any special requests? Speaking to Closer Magazine Justin got his crystal ball out to reveal that he reckons Posh and Becks might yet have another kid. "They love kids so much. I can see them having one more."

As pointless as a concert for a baby seems, it seems Victoria and David's boys, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz - all old enough to at least hum along - are most excited about the prospect. The entire family came down with Bieber Fever after attending one of his LA gigs last year. Justin revealed to Closer: "I have agreed to give the boys a private concert at their house - if David gives me some private soccer lessons...David's an amazing dad, and he told me how happy it would make them, so I had to say Yes."

Justin has also said: "David tells me my records are always played in their household. David and Victoria are both really cool, so I'm happy to oblige." Really can't imagine him constructing a sentence with the word 'oblige' in it considering 'Germany' hadn't made it into his vocabulary this time last year but anyway, it's the thought that counts.

Caroline Foran