So, this very convenient proposal of marriage (and alleged pregnancy) centered around Ashlee Simpson's album release continues to rage purposefully onwards. A source said: "The wedding invitations have been sent out, it's taking place the weekend of May 16. The location will not be revealed until the day of the wedding but guests are told it will be an hour drive from Los Angeles... Our source also confirmed that Ashlee is 100% pregnant. Papa Joe is probably busy selling off the wedding info and pictures as we speak so expect to see it in the tabloids Memorial weekend." Nice. Speaking of Joe; Ashlee had this to say regarding the likes of Lindsay and Britney: "I don’t see myself ever following the path those girls take. I'm almost 24. I'm pretty together and I'm getting married (and I'm very possibly up the Damien... that or I've had a boob job to go with my very secret rhinoplasty). I wouldn't ever let myself get that way and I don't surround myself with 'yes' people. I think that's the most important thing. People don't control me (bar Joe) or anything I do (again, except Joe) and I've never had that problem (with anyone other than my father, Joe). Pete's my (new) support system. We definitely give honest opinions of each other. I love his music and he's so supportive of everything I do." Aw… he doesn't love your music then, no?