Was I alone in thinking that Huey from the Fun Lovin' Criminals was always as cool as f*ck?

Following his latest aggro Twitter outburst, now I'm not so sure. It was after last night's Sony Radio Academy Awards, that BBC6 Radio presenter Huey Morgan launched into a full blown rant, throwing his toys right out of his pram because he went home empty handed.

He was nominated for the 'Music Radio Personality of the Year' award, alas it was BBC Radio 2's Chris Evans who (annoyingly) bagged it. Other winners included 6Music's Lauren Laverne who won the 'Silver' award while BBC Radio 1's Fearne Cotton was handed the 'Best Music Programme'.

Rather than walk away graciously, however, Huey then pulled a bit of a Kanye on it, taking to Twitter to say "They ain't gonna let some dude from NYC win this sh*t. Fern, Lauren, Chris. Yeah right, that's cool? Suckers they come a dime a dozen..." (sic) And then there was this: "I am the peoples champ, don't need no award. Y'all know how it be." Then, shooting himself right in the foot he began pointing the finger at his colleague, Laverne saying "Ask me to cover for her and up her ratings. F*ck that sh*t. Kenickie? Please." Who's Kenickie? Adding insult to injury he later returned to Laverne to say "You got no idea what I put Into my shows. She just shows up and plays in twitter. Ain't that BS."

At this point we assumed he was just half pissed, given the grammatical construction of his tweets. When he was done with Laverne he hurled some abuse at Fearne Cotton saying "Yo, Fern cotton won a gold award, sh*t is fake!"

Meanwhile Laverne piped up: "Hi Huey, I really don't know why you're being like this but I do programme my shows, every single morning... Just because you don't work like that when you cover for me, doesn't mean it's what I do. Please stop being weird."

As irritating as people may find either Laverne or Cotton, Huey really hasn't done himself any favours here. Still hammered (we hope, we still want to like him you see) he later acknowledged that he'd best off disappearing for a while for all the evils he's going to get on the BBC Radio 6 corridors: "I don't care about the awards y'all, it's the suckers hat get 'em that got me worried. now go live your life. I'll be back in a week's time."

No doubt his PR team suffered a near aneurysm with all of this so, as expected, we later got this sober apology: "I am sorry for my comments last night. If I offended anyone, I apologise. I will tweet no more. Goodbye and thank you for you reality check. (sic)"

And, checking his Twitter again just now, it seems he's really after copping on. Maybe we can continue to love him after all.

"@simonjjones No, you are right. I was a bad boy, and need a slap."

"Allright. I'll take the hate. The dummy went out my pram. My bad."

And apologising once more to Laverne he says: "@laurenlaverne I was a big fat baby last night & ungentlemanly. Mea Culpa."

We'll let you know if they make up any time soon.

Caroline Foran