This just in: RiRi drops that cretinous thug ex boyfriend of hers (Chris Brown for those of you living under a rock) like a hot potato on Twitter after he released a new diss track that, we're all assuming, is aimed at her.

The song which contains the controversial lyrics is a remix of Kanye's TheraFlu in which Brown utters the following the verse: "Don't f*ck with my old bitches ... like a bad fur ... every industry n*gga done had her."

He continues, "Trick or treat like a pumpkin ... just to smash her."

Such heartfelt, beautiful lyrics, eh?

It wasn't long after that though that Rihanna 'unfollowed' her former beau which of course is a very significant move to make. This leads us to further assume she too believes the verse to be about her.

Rihanna took to twitter to say 'Awh poor dat #neaux1currrrr' to which Chris Breezy responded 'Assumptions! I didn't say any names so if u took offense to it then its something you feel guilty about.'

It really is a pity because between the pair of them they could surely produce some amazing, gramatically incorrect and cryptic poetry. Does anyone ever know what Rihanna is on about on Twitter? Beats me.

And then, making himself look like an even bigger douche, as well as making it pretty clear it was in fact about her, Chris unfollowed RiRi. Oh Twitter. We love you.

Caroline Foran