This is sad news. And not just because we most certainly won't get to see Brian in them jodhpurs.

After all the congratulatory sentiments yesterday, deployed this clanger late last night:

"And we have the first recasting on a newly picked up broadcast series. I’ve learned that Amy Huberman, who played the female lead in the NBC single-camera comedy pilot Animal Practice, won’t continue on the project, which was ordered to series yesterday. The office comedy stars Justin Kirk as George, a 'House'-like veterinarian, who loves animals but usually hates their owners (especially the new woman who runs the clinic). Irish actress Huberman played that woman, George’s intelligent and beautiful old girlfriend, now engaged to another, who is assigned to run the animal hospital. She landed the role in her first U.S. audition ever. The part will now be recast."

Tyler Labine (Sisters and Brothers, Rise of The Planet of The Apes) and Bobby Lee (he's voiced a "sharply dressed Asian man" in an episode of Family Guy) are keeping their roles. 

Amy, what's for you won't go by you. Onwards and upwards!