Inadvertantly, mind. I'm sure she didn't ask ITV Scotland to put her name up on their website before Dermot announced she'd been voted back into the competition in the wake of Franki Cocozza's inevitable slide into the skitter. Nor, one can assume, did she ask HMV to put her "winners single" live on their website yesterday.

Nay, both instances were down to a "regrettable technical issue" - not publicity ahead of this weekend's final, or the obvious conclusion - that all such TV talent shows are orchestrated from the offest.

Gennaro Castaldo, spokesman for HMV, told Sky News: " was looking to accept customer pre-orders for versions of the X Factor winner's single recorded by each of the three finalists. However, due to a technical issue only Amelia Lily's details were uploaded. These have been temporarily removed so that all three finalists' details can go up at the same time (that's what ITV Scotland said, yet Amelia Lily was the one chosen to re-enter the competition). This has been the result of an unforeseen but regrettable technical issue, for which we apologise and ask that nothing further be construed."

Caren Davis, head of publicity for the X Factor, said: "This is absolutely nothing to do with The X Factor, HMV have admitted this was due to a technical error on their site."

As ever, Twitter was the first port of call for debate: One @Alexjohn11 said "HMV have put Amelia Lily's 'winners single' on sale before anyone's even won the show, looks like there's been a 'Little Mix' up," while @acciogeorgia added "Wait what, Amelia Lily's winner's single is on the hmv website? lol the Fix Factor strikes again."