A reported former senior member of the Condello clan who is accused of bribing two judges, 44 year old Giulio Lampada was allowed leave jail and live in a villa in Milan with his family as it was "the only way he'd get better."

According to The Mail, Lampada had an "aversion" to men in uniforms due to a life of crime. Nope, we're not making this up. He lost 10 kilos in jail and never left his cell - he even needed help going to the toilet. He managed to survive by eating fruit and snacks. At least he was getting his five a day we suppose. 

Ultimately he was declared "incompatible" with jail and even the psychiatric ward, which is really saying something.

Lampada was sentenced to over 14 years in the slammer in November of 2011, but will serve the remainder of his term under house arrest.

This guy never left his cell either, but found other ways to be productive.