Most of us have been there — hungover and feeling like we're going to die. One of the most common symptoms of which is not being able to shut up about it. So we've found a podcast to indulge your hangover complaining.

Irish "iconic train wreck" Lily Culhane's podcast is called 'Get Involved' and, as she puts it, is like one really big voice message from a friend about anything every Sunday (but she seems to be on hiatus at the moment).

How and ever, her latest episode "you're not actually dying, you're just hungover" chronicles the kaleidoscope of your post-sesh symptoms, from getting sick in plastic bags in your mother's car to the very up and down emotions that accompany the headache.

In her catalogue of comforting, rambling monologues, Culhane is like an older sister. Not the oldest sister though — she's the good craic middle child that offers good advice only because she's got into the same (if not worse) scrapes.

One episode 'CATHOLIC GIRL SCHOOL SURVIVAL GUIDE' details life in an all girls school. She busts myths about getting pregnant from toilet seats and offers advice to girls going through it now, but nostalgia for anyone who has already been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

Culhane has comfort and cop on in spades, so even if you're not suffering from a two (or three, no judgement) day hangover this weekend, you'll find something worth listening to in her repertoire.

Listen to the 'Get Involved' podcast hosted by Lily Culhane here.