For the days you feel like getting out for a stroll, having a go-to podcast is not only crucial, it's motivational. The perfect self-care incentive.

The summer evenings are creeping up on us and you know what that means — a select few sunny stroll opportunities are on the horizon. That means you're going to need to be armed with a podcast so you can get out stepping while the sun is still shining.

1. Celebrity Book Club

The entire premise of the podcast is that the two hosts Steven and Lily dive into (and rip apart) celebrity memoirs in a way that feels like you're b*tching with friends over a few drinks.

In this episode, they go into the biography of Ramona Singer and if you know her from 'The Real Housewives of Beverley Hills', you'll know she's likely to say anything. And she does. Her book is quintessentially Ramona and the hosts of the pod wouldn't have it any other way.

2. Unlocking Us with Brené Brown

If you're in more of a pensive mood, Brené Brown's podcast has a library of self-reflective topics that empower listeners to learn more about themselves (as well as other people and the world).

We recommend her podcast on finding your values, which is even a little bit interactive if you want it to be. And even if you're not looking to look too far inward, the ladies very are inspirational to listen to.

3. My Therapist Ghosted Me

Joanne McNally and Vogue Williams just take the piss out of each other (and often Vogue's husband) non-stop on their podcast and we find ourselves laughing along with them. They pick random topics in the zeitgeist to dive into each week.

In this episode, the ladies chat about The Debs and also Vogue's weird taxidermy story. We love these two because you can (and do) listen to them talk about absolutely anything.

4. Small Town Murder

If the murder scene is up your alley, James Pietagallo and Jimmie Whisman have a, respectfully, gas podcast about the bizarre murders that happen in small towns across America.

The lads' whole shtick is that they take the piss out of the murderer, but never the victim because "we're assholes, but we're not scumbags". This episode is no different, when in Oklahoma, a family dinner is broken up, and guess what? Yep. Murder ensues.

5. The Panic Pod

The "anxiety nerd" himself, Josh Fletcher talks about all the ins and outs of anxiety, often alongside guests. Having dealt with mental health problems before, not only is he a therapist, but he's actually been through it.

He often provides alternatives to the conversations that are happening around wellbeing online and in this episode, he talks about scanning your body for signs of something being wrong, popularised as "listening to your body".

6. Vicky Pattinson: The Secret To

Did you know Vicky even had a pod?! And it's super high energy and positive with some decent celebrity guests. The premise is that her guests provide their "secret" to something in life, so the conversation has a natural depth.

But it's also more often than not a bit of a laugh. Faye Winter joins Vicky on the pod and she spills some tea about Love Island and talks about our abilities to forgive ourselves.

7. The Tommy, Hector & Laurita Podcast

The three comedians reminisce and rave about all sorts on their [weekly] podcast and you can't help but laugh with them. It takes a look at very quintessentially Irish things, goes into funny anecdotes from their pasts, and is so damn feel-good.

Check out their podcast 'Real Bettystown' where they reminisce about school. It's absolutely hilarious.

Go on, get your runners on and take your pick.