Struggling to find a new podcast to listen to - or looking to get into podcasts? These shows come highly recommended.

Now more than ever we're in need of some truly great feelgood podcasts, and luckily there are some pretty wonderful ones available on whichever platform your podcast subscription is with.

If feelgood isn't what you're after, we've also got some comedy, fandom, and movie podcasts recommendations over at our dedicated podcasts webpage.

Here are seven feelgood podcasts that are certain to brighten up your day.

'The Graham Norton Podcast'

There's really nothing better than listening to Graham Norton, is there? Luckily this year for us, since swapping BBC Radio 2 for his new job over at Virgin Radio, the TV and radio presenter has started all over again with a new podcast featuring clips from his weekend radio show. Currently, there are only two episodes available, but the library will grow as each week passes. A highlight of the series so far is him talking with Mel C about the Spice Girls 25th anniversary this year.


'Life Kit'

As their saying says, "everyone needs a little help being a human". This podcast is for those of us who might be struggling in a certain small or large aspect of their life, and with expert advice in each episode, you'll be putting your mind at ease in no time. Whether it's wanting to save money, how to sleep better, making your own compost from home, or even what kind of lightbulb you should buy - everything is covered for you here. Seriously, everything.


'The Michelle Obama Podcast'

One of the best feelgood podcasts that this author often dips in and out of is this one from Michelle Obama. The former first lady speaks to a broad range of people close to her, and the pair discuss personal struggles they have had to go through in life. Uplifting and thought-provoking, naturally it would make sense that her husband Barack is her very first guest in the series. Launched last summer, there are currently only nine episodes available, but we're hoping that Obama has a new series up her sleeve very soon.


'RuPaul: What's The Tea?'

With two 'RuPaul's Drag Race' currently on air (both the US and the UK versions), it's made us realise just how damn good it feels to watch a reality show and laugh our whole way through it. If you've never taken the plunge into RuPaul's podcast with his right-hand woman Michelle Visage, then now's the time. Brimming with celebrity interviews, pop culture references, and laugh out loud moments, you'll be feeling nice and refreshed after each listen.


'I'm Grand Mam'

From humble beginnings in 2019, the 'I'm Grand Mam' podcast has become synonymous with the Irish queers living either in Ireland or while they're off galavanting abroad. Hosted by two Corkonians PJ and Kevin, the lads will make sure your attention is held while they to tell a funny anecdote or two, or give their own opinion on the topic of the week. Sometimes dealing with heavy issues with their classic humorous spin, you will find yourself walking around with a few more Cork-based slang words to drop at your next social gathering - "sending me" is a personal favourite.


'Happy Place'

Fearne Cotton's 'Happy Place' has been running for quite some time (100 episodes to be precise), and if the TV and radio presenter having a natter with famous celebrities sounds like your type of thing, then we can't recommend this enough. Diving deep into their personal trials and tribulations throughout their lives, the likes of Dawn French, Stephen Fry, Russell Brand, Ricky Gervais and even our own Hozier open up about their personal struggles and the meaning behind their work. See, not everyone has all of their sh*t together.


'The Pat Divilly Podcast'

The Galway man began his adult life as a personal trainer, but after struggling with truly being happy, he decided to turn things around. Community, mindfulness and life coaching are what spurred him on, and his podcast has proven to be hugely popular with those looking for some advice with their health - either mental or physical. So, if you're looking for some guidance right now, or want to hear some handy tips and tricks, then there is a bound to be a topic catered especially for you in his back catalogue of episodes.