As we know, June is Pride month, and it's a perfect time to show your support for queer projects and businesses this month (and beyond). So, here are three podcasts for some joyful, binge-worthy LGBTQ+ listening.

There are so many great queer or queer-run podcasts out there to get stuck into and bring you through your day with LGBTQ+ cheer. However, this is our list of the top three podcasts that bring us endless amounts of humor and education.

I'm Grand Mam

Rather than dissecting queer culture, PJ Kirby and Kevin Twomey's podcast 'I'm Grand Mam' is a piece of queer culture. The pair are besties that make for easy listening by creating commentary around whatever is going on in the world around them; pop culturally and personally.

No matter what they're talking about, be it PJ reviewing Dublin cappuccinos with his mother or being on a big queer holiday, you're going to have a good time listening to these two.

Queer Classified

Every week 'Queer Classified' investigate a new corner from the most memorable moments in queer pop culture, spanning across music, TV, and film. Hosts Cian Sullivan and James O'Hagan chat to a range of guests from's own Brian Lloyd to the likes of broadcaster Louise McSharry.

They unpack the textbook queer touchstones like 'Clueless', but they also take a look at some of the less digestible, quotable pieces in the LGBTQ+ canon, like the film 'Moonlight'. The two lads provide clever insights into queerness while also just being a comfort to listen to.

Getting Curious

Jonathan Van Ness has historically been curious about people; he was even on a show 'Queer Eye' that embraced and helped people on their personal style journey.

That same intrigue has lent itself to podcasting and every week, Van Ness invites a new guest on the pod to chat about anything from life as an ex-nun to the history of burritos. Get ready to learn about something new and have a giggle with him.

Listening to these podcasts is a mutually beneficial way to celebrate Pride this month and year round. So, find your excuse — commute, evening stroll, cooking the dinner, whatever — and explore the world of queer podcasts. You won't regret it.

Find our top three queer podcasts on most music streaming platforms.