Is that spooky feeling creeping up on you? Don't think about Monday right now. Get your mind off all that scary stuff with a good, solid podcast.

Sunday evenings can feel like a bit of a limbo — especially when you've got one foot in the weekend and the other kicking open the door to Monday, anticipating the horror that's going to come jumping out from behind it.

But fear not, we have the perfect podcasts to pull you out of your worrywart state and lull you into a Sunday trance.

'Love Stories' with Dolly Alderton

This is an oldie but a goodie. 'Love Stories' goes into so much more than just romantic love, which is exactly the kind of soft Sunday, sipping coffee on the couch, fresh flowers on the table kind of vibe that we are all striving for.

For ample feel-good factor, we recommend the one with Stanley Tucci. Surely we're not the only ones who could listen to him talk about pasta forever?

'You're Booked' with Daisy Buchanan

This podcast lets you live vicariously through a reader, so you never even have to open a book. It's library-core without the effort.

Reading is such a great way to unplug, but if you're just not up to it and audiobooks are not your thing, this is your next best bet. Snuggle up under a blanket and listen to two book-y people talk passionately about books.

'Anything Goes' with Emma Chamberlain

If you want to say "F you" to your fear, this podcast offers solid rants about anything from pet peeves, to body standards, and even creating good habits.

If you need to get hyped for the week and tackle your Sunday fear head-on, this could be the podcast for you.

Well, are you relaxed yet?