Mark Gordon

Mark Gordon

Producer | Actor

Whether the pictures are moving or stills, Mark Gordon is always at home behind the lens. He

has served as Director of Photography on more than a dozen film, television and commercial

projects that range from ""Rock The Vote"" PSA's for MTV, documentaries for Financial News

Network, and the feature DEMENTIA for Fledgling Films. Gordon interned with

cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond on Brian de Palma's BONFIRE OF THE VANIIIES for

Warner Brothers. In 1990, Gordon received the Sherril C. Corwin/Tommy Gross Scholarship,

the highest award the American Film Institute bestows on a cinematography fellow.

Gordon also boasts significant credentials in still photography: As founder of Preferred Stock

Photography, he oversees the company's library of over 100,000 images, which are currently

leased in eight countries. He has worked as a motion picture advertising photographer on nearly

a score of feature campaigns, including BIG, MIDNIGHT RUN, THE NAKED GUN,


commercial photographer, his clients have included AT&T, Coca- Cola, Walt Disney

Productions, Honda, McDonalds, Paramount Pictures, and Warner Brothers.

Gordon received considerable training from celebrity photographers Brigitte Lacombe, Wayne

Maser, Steve Schapiro and Bert Stern, with whom he collaborated to produce magazine covers

and layouts for Vanity Fair, Interview, Vogue, Rolling Stone, and Glamour.